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12 November 2006 @ 02:16 pm
It's not so bad being trendy, everyone who looks like me is my friend :D  

So, I'm thinking that if I have a supercool day from now on, I'm going to draw a short comic on it, haha.
And these comics are going to be crap FOR SURE, haha. <4


Reads left to right, like most do, haha. First part is about my Friday :D

  1. Me going 'UH SURE I CAN RECORD' to my music teacher, 'CAUSE I WAS PLANNING ON A LESSON, not recording, haha. But all turned out well, YAY.

  2. Some random dude talking to me about my leg crap out of the blue @ BK. HOW "AWKWARD~!"

  3. L WITH HIS UBER HAWT MASK FROM DN2 that I got to see with my friends, aw.

  4. THEN FOR COMPARISON, what I was doing yesterday, UP TO ABOUT 5:30, haha. Just sitting with my computer, chillin' out :D

SO YEA, expect more of those, haha.

HERE'S SOME OTHER RANDOM ARTS not as much as last time though, haha.

  1. DON'T THINK I'M GOING TO FINISH THIS! Was going to be a ref sheet for a new zombie character I made up, but she's so much more fun to draw on paper...And I'm too lazy to scan anything, haha. Maybe Later I will <4

  2. SCORPION PERSON for n4dd3h 'cause it's based off a story that she wrote a while ago, and that I'm just now learning about and TOTALLY DIGGING ON OHYEA.

  3. My brother is getting another tatt with the tsunami picture that is SO WIDELY KNOWN OF and he wants some sea turtles in it as well :D So he asked for me to either draw some up, or to find some good pictures of 'em. And I couldn't really find any good pictures of it, so I'm attempting to draw them, WHOOPS. Coloring is crap 'cause I got lazy <4

  4. Random picture of INOPIG from the series Naruto, because I'm getting back into it omg :D

  5. I SPENT SO MUCH TIME INTO THIS PICTURE YOU HAVE NO IDEA, ugh, and it doesn't look too great, BUTSTILL. I spent ages on the background @_________@ Pixel by pixel ew. Never doing THAT again, haha.

  6. RANDOM BOOBAGE 'cause I need to work on drawing big boobs, haha.

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